Featured Artist
Antoine Fadel

Ever since his entry into the film and media world, Antoine Fadel, born in Beirut in 1972 has managed to carve a stellar name in the art of photography. With two short films showcased at the Cannes film festival and over 20 years of experience in the world of media and films, Antoine’s journey has been filled with breakthrough moments, incredible projects, rare honors, and unforgettable collaborations.

As a film director and producer with clients ranging from private to government sectors, he is highly competent and has a thorough understanding of the media and film industry, with a remarkable ability to transmit his message through visuals to reach all types of viewership. His skills encompass a bold grasp of aesthetics and extend to the incorporation of storytelling in his work.

The body, according to Fadel, is “an element of expression and an engine fed with love, passion, and compassion.” With several certificates in film and TV production, and having attended training alongside the best directors of photography, Antoine enjoys nothing more than “constantly being a student.” He is driven by the relentless urge to always discover and explore.

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