JASAD is a pioneering, independent, cultural and feminist Arab media outlet that specializes in the Body’s arts, sciences, politics, and literature. It discusses freely the body, sexuality, and gender identities and politics, as well as different forms of discrimination and violence related to these issues in the Arab world and beyond.

Initially established in 2009, JASAD ran eight groundbreaking issues over the span of two years, fighting a vicious war against pressures to stop and/or censor it, but unfortunately had to cease operation due to financial restrictions in 2011. And although this was over a decade ago, human rights violations including domestic violence, gender inequality and sexual abuse are still as rampant and dehumanizing as ever.

We invite writers, artists, thinkers, and activists from all over the world – and the MENA region especially – to take part in our journey and contribute to JASAD as we tenaciously wage our battle in reclaiming our bodies and our narrative to unadulterated, unapologetic self-expression.

Contact us: info@jasadmedia.org

Artist Moe Khansa.

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