We at JASAD Media endorse the values of ethical journalism and the respect of human rights. We believe in freedom of speech, transparency, truth, accountability, fairness and independence. We expect the journalists, writers, artists and video makers who wish to contribute in JASAD to:

– Take responsibility for the accuracy of their work, whether by verifying all the information delivered before releasing it, or by using original and reliable sources whenever possible. 

– Provide context, avoid hurtful sensationalism and take special care not to misrepresent or oversimplify in promoting a story. 

– Update and correct information whenever needed throughout a story’s life online. 

– Favor transparency over anonymity. Reserve anonymity strictly for sources who may face danger, retribution or other detriment, and have valuable information that cannot be obtained elsewhere. Protect vulnerable groups/people from harm.

– Be courageous about holding those with power accountable. Give voice to the voiceless and point fingers at those who are responsible for wrongdoing. 

– Support the open and free exchange of views, even views that they might find repugnant. 

– Seek to highlight voices and stories we seldom hear. Show the diversity of the human experience. 

– Avoid stereotyping and generalizing.

– Never deliberately distort facts or context. Respect copyrights and intellectual property at all times.

– Never plagiarize. Always attribute. 

– Realize that private people have a greater right to control information about themselves than public figures and others who enjoy power, influence or attention. Weigh the consequences of publishing or broadcasting personal information. 

– Refuse gifts, favors, fees, free travel, special treatment and any form of bribe, and avoid any outside activities that may compromise integrity or impartiality, or may damage credibility. 

– Never pay for access to news or stories.

– Resist internal and external pressure to influence coverage. 

– Clearly distinguish news from advertising, and facts from opinions.

– Abide by the same high standards that they expect of others.